We offer several services and we work with our clients to create new ideas and products.

Police Notebooks

GBI is a proud provider of notebooks for police officers around the country. Our standard notebooks come in small, medium, and large sizes with Miranda rights printed on the cover.

We can also make custom notebooks on request with unique logos, page counts, and sizes. Just ask!

Order in bulk for additional savings, or inquire for a free sample of any size.

Book Binding

Hardback binding, newspaper collections, college thesis papers, and more!

We offer foil stamping on spines and covers, headbands, ribbon bookmarks, spine rubs, rounded corners, and just about any customization you have in mind.

We can work together to make the most beautiful books and projects!

Call for a quote! 503-235-4023

Custom Boxes

(Custom shoe-box for Adidas & Snoop Dogg sneaker, the special edition “Dogghouse”)

If you need a special box for a project that has never been made before and you’re not even sure where to start or how it will work then you have come to the right place!

We have worked with several companies and individuals on projects of every size and have a talented team of individuals with decades of experience crafting some truly unique boxes.

More Samples